“So where do we start?”

I remember this question at the very beginning of our journey. By nature, we are indeed a bunch of restless souls, oozing with passion towards storytelling. Luckily from the start, we had dozens of wonderful little visual stories hiding away, waiting for us to remember, dig deep into the internal system and present them to the world.

The first obstacle we faced was rooting through file after file, hard drive after hard drive just to come across the many projects that were ready to go live and believe me… there was a lot. Uploading to instagram with a mind-provoking caption wasn’t even the half of it. In all honesty, we would sit staring at each other in the early hours of the morning wandering through our own minds fighting off the millions of tabs that were creeping up upon us, determined not to let us fall into one of them well-deserved snooze sessions. We were torn between focusing on the planning of the current projects in film and well digging up the folders from the past that had not long just passed.

In the end… we had to decide what to prioritise because everything we encounter on a daily basis is going to demand it’s level of high importance, demanding that we choose this first or that first. *Wipes sweat from forehead* It’s natural to become overwhelmed by it all. When you’re in love with what you do, you forget to sleep, you forget to eat, you even forget the world that awaits you outside, as you sit behind that computer screen drowning the entirety of you being in countless cups of coffee to the point where the effects have worn off.

You learn a great deal working behind the scenes, when you are working for you you have to do all of the work, making the decisions, expanding the network, organising everything for presentation, and yes, obviously we’re keeping it humble and grabbing our own cup of coffee round here. The beauty of the process was sifting through everything, the unedited photos impatiently awaiting a glossy finish and upload to the online gallery besides the moving image and the heartfelt capture of every moving being silently celebrating their own sacred uniqueness.

It was and still is a beautiful process, finding the time to change our mindsets and strengthening our own beliefs within ourselves had the hugest impact. Going beyond your own belief system and seeking inspiration and being awake to observe is essential to the process. As artistic beings, we chose to acknowledge that inspiration is surrounding us.. I mean we’re practically bathing in it. We could film or photograph any one story from something as simplistic as birdsong or as complex as reaching an understanding as to why summer still hasn’t arrived…yet.

The fact of the matter is, invest in you and your team. Take what you have and do what you have to do present it in the best possible light. Reach a place of stillness, stop to admire the things you take for granted, relax and let inspiration come to you naturally because when you relax it really does come to you, trust us, it’s a tried and tested method.

It goes without saying that no project of excellence can be created within the mind of one who is frustrated, unable to prioritise and well focusing on finishing the tasks in front of you before proceeding with the never-ending list of whats to come. You can’t drive a car with an empty fuel tank and you can’t finish work whilst your mind is lacking focus. Ground your mind and your soul. It can take anything from two to thirty minutes to just STOP, breathe and untangle all those mind knots. START… just start with the resources you have, with the projects you’ve already created and then… get ready to keep on attack the days with the many projects to come… but hey, they’re for another post!

Stay tuned and feel free to get in contact with us regarding the many services we offer.

Go forth in peace and love world, believe you’re going to continue creating outstanding pieces of moving art and that is exactly what will unfold before you.

Peace, Love & Seagull Squawks.